Benefactor of the WomenFuture Foundation


WomenFuture started as an idea around the Woman of the Year Award – and has later developed into both an organization Zanzibar WomenFuture Organization, a record company for female artists WomenFutureRecords, a women academy WomenFuture Tailoring Academy, and last but not least we have started a chicken yard program for women WomenFuture ChickenYards.

In WomenFuture ChickenYards we are donating to a group of 5 women in Zanzibar a start up kit for a chicken yard. The kit contains a 1 month training in keeping chicken, vegetable gardening and composting, 1 small chicken shed, 5 local chickens ready for laying + 1 rooster, one bag of food and a follow up by a mentor from the WomenFuture Team.

Each group of women actively participates in the chicken yard start up, by making the land available and building the fence, to become the legal owner of the farm and all what comes with it.

The women can later also supply their yard with layer chickens to produce eggs, start producing vegetables with manure from the chickens and so on. Thereby make it into a sustainable business for themselves and their family.


WHY NGO in Zanzibar


WHY – World Home for Youth – is an international voluntary organization founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Trento, Italy.

In 2006 we opened a base in Jambiani, Zanzibar where a group of both Italians and locals work together to implement educational, health and other socioeconomic development projects in the most disadvantages areas.

Facebook: @aWorldHomeForYouthonlus

Lillian Benard

Lillian Benard Okoth

Lillian Benard is the Entrepreneur and Owner of Symphony Farms, Zanzibar.

She plays a big part in the WomenFuture Brand. She is the head of education in the chicken yard projects, and she is also the entrepreneur behind WomenFuture Academy.

Lillian brings great knowledge of chicken farming into this project, and willingly share this knowledge with all the women running mini yards. 

Web: Symphony Farms on YouTube

John John Bruseth

John John Bruseth is the Founder of WomenFuture Foundation, and Cofounder of Symphony Farms in Mtule and Unguja Ukuu. He has been working in women projects in many African Countries for more than 20 years.

He is a journalist and author, and have been working with communication and PR in San Francisco, London and Oslo.  He is also known in Norway as a speaker and lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Currently he is working on the ebook Female Footprints – Women in Zanzibar in cooperation with Hanna McCarrick Mikidadi.


Natalie Denmeade

Natalie Denmeade is a Learning Designer who, since first visiting Zanzibar in 2004, has seen how tourism has created opportunities and challenges for local families.

The  skills she brings to this project is to create effective and engaging training programs, using a mix of print and digital resources, for participants with low literacy and poor internet facilities. 


Hannah McCarrick Mikidadi

Hannah McCarrick Mikidadi has travelled, worked and lived in Tanzania and Zambia over the last 10 years and has been involved with a number of development projects across Zanzibar.

Hannah has a professional background in development cooperation and research (including protect management). Hannah is currently a PhD candidate researching if and how digital technologies can empower small-scale farmers in Tanzania. She has previously authored a chapter in the book «Digital Economies at Global Margins», published by the MIT Press.


Franko Göhse - Permaculture

Franko Göhse

Franko is a passionate permaculturist (and a Chef to boot!) who have worked in Africa for the last 24 years. He is also the founder of the Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar and presently the CEO of the Permaculture Design Company. 

Franko is in love with his chicken among many other things, as well as his goal of meeting the sustainable development goals in many of their projects using Permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share. 

He is currently involved in implementing and maintaining the landscaping and waste management of the fast growing satellite town of Fumba in Zanzibar.

Web:, Franko Gohse in FB

Bernadette Kirsch

Bernadette Kirsch

Bernadette is a Filipina-German, founder of the Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar and the Permaculture Design Company together with her husband Franko Göhse.

Since arriving in Zanzibar in 2016, she has engaged in many Permaculture projects one of which is working with out of school youth to train for green jobs of the future. She is presently responsible for the landscaping of the emerging green town of Fumba in Zanzibar.

Web:, Bernadette Kirsch in FB

permaculture design company

Permaculture Design Company

This company formerly known as the Fumba Town Service Center started as the landscaping and waste maintenance arm of the innovative green city situated in Zanzibar called Fumba Town.

Beginning this year, they have evolved into a separate company aiming to build sustainable, regenerative and resilient cities that will enable its citizens to meet their own needs and to enhance their well-being without damaging the natural world now or in the future.

The company aims to answer the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) using the ethics and tools of permaculture.

Facebook: @permacultureafrica

Nicole Kanz - Co-Founder & Managing Director at StepOne Hospitality & Tourism Consulting

Nicole Kanz

Nicole has been working in the East Africa’s highend hospitality industry as business analyst for the last 10 years.

As a Co-Founder & Managing Director at StepOne Hospitality & Tourism Consulting she provided project management and marketing know how to the project.

“With the severe down turn of tourism in 2020 – founding & supporting was urgently needed in order to secure sustainable income for families. Beyond this crisis we hope to build a network of future suppliers to the hospitality industry.”


Mr Kahawa - Zanzibar July 2020

The Kahawa Team

We as owners and managemt of Mr Kahawa from the very beginning of Covid did not directly realise what it would mean for the Zanzibari and their livelyhoods. But soon we started to expect though times ahead! Not only for our own staff as at least they get some support, but also for the community that we love and live in for many years!

We decided to do a fundraiser to collect money to get this invested in different local and sustainable projects.

The amazing thing about Corona for us has been all the free knowledge that was shared on many levels. Makers, shakers, analytica.. all we met in meetings. People that you can learn from, would never have crossed your life if it was not for Corona.

The money we received has gone into sustainable chicken projects, education, masks, local marketing and we have been blessed with all these people that we have met along the way. With one thing in Common, to support the smiles of Zanzibar… Asanteni

Facebook: @bellevuezanzibar