Benefactor of the WomenFuture Foundation

Symphony Farm our first ChickenYard Project in Zanzibar


ChickenYard from above
Symphony farm from above

Startup: 10th August 2019

Chickens, ducks, turkeys, hens and rabbits: 600
Shed size: Large
Owner: Lillian Benard Okoth

Lillian Benard Okoth, John John Bruseth and Rune Haram, Chairman of Zanegg Ltd., met for the first time October 3rd 2018, at Lillian’s plot in Mtule – at that time it was just bushes and rocks. They decided, there and then, to go back to Norway and raise funds to build a chicken farm on the plot – later to be named the Symphony farm. 

On August 10th, eight months later the building was ready, and we got our first 500 chicks. From there the farm has just grown and grown.

Now with more than 600 chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits – mango and bananatrees, and a huge vegetable garden with lettuce, tomatoes, and much more.

The Symphony farm is now employing 4 people, and 2 dogs – and more will come as we plan to expand, and double our production of eggs and broilers. 

Just 6 months later we built Symphony farm 2, in Unguja Ukuu, with room for 500 chickens.

Then in February 2020 we took the intiative, together with our partners, to start WomenFuture ChickenYards.