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Women­Future Chicken­Yards Project

Help women in Zanzibar by donating kits of 5 local chickens, 1 rooster, 1 small chicken shed, and one bag of feed, or training and follow up by a mentor from the WomenFuture Team.

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WomenFuture started as an idea around the Woman of the Year Award – and has later developed into both an organization Zanzibar WomenFuture Organization, a record company for female artists WomenFutureRecords, a women academy WomenFuture Tailoring Academy, and last but not least we have started a chicken yard program for women WomenFuture ChickenYards.

In WomenFuture ChickenYards we are donating to a group of 5 women in Zanzibar a start up kit for a chicken yard. The kit contains a 1 month training in keeping chicken, vegetable gardening and composting, 1 small chicken shed, 5 local chickens ready for laying + 1 rooster, one bag of food and a follow up by a mentor from the WomenFuture Team.

Each group of women actively participates in the chicken yard start up, by making the land available and building the fence, to become the legal owner of the farm and all what comes with it.

The women can later also supply their yard with layer chickens to produce eggs, start producing vegetables with manure from the chickens and so on. Thereby make it into a sustainable business for themselves and their family.